A Short Review On The Latest Pixel Gun 3D

The day Pixel Gun 3D was launched, I installed it on my device and invested a lot of times in playing it. I have played the game many times and will therefore like to present a review about the same. The first thing that I want to share with you is that since Pixel Gun 3D is an action game where I got the chance to attack zombies whenever I wanted to and this led me to playing the game every now and then. For me this was the fun factor of the game. However, the fact that a pocket version of the game is available allowed me to participate in the game whenever I wanted, from wherever I pleased.

The latest Pixel Gun 3D is all about action. It is in this deadly game that I was able to quench my thirst of playing deathmatches innumerable times. However, though the game is set in a multiplayer mode, it comprises of perks like a survival arena and single player campaigns. Additionally, I take keen pleasure in sharing the fact that while playing the game I found it to be absolutely player-friendly. It is slightly confusing in the beginning, but I gradually got the hang of playing it. The most fun part of the game is that it is creative and challenging.

Furthermore, things like the four seasons map, weapons like zombie hunter, rocker crossbow, and acid cannon is what I like the most in the game. The reason behind liking the unique weapons is the way in which they work and the fact that they never allowed me to fail against my enemy, whenever I used them. Items like masks, capes, hats, and boots were the most exciting things for me in the game. Out of all fascinating items in the gift box, I found boost to be the most helpful factors as it helped me to revitalize myself whenever I ran short of energy on the battlefield.

It is the graphics of the game that left me speechless and lured me into concentrating on it, without diverting my attention to the real world that surrounded me, for hours. No matter which location I chose for playing the game, the graphics looked realistic enough to make me believe that I am in a real battle field, attacking real zombies. In addition to this, it is the very story of the game that led me to continue with it. My crave for knowing the how the zombies suddenly got out of the prison, made me want to play the game till the end.

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To make the entire review short, I only want to state that while playing the game I never felt that I was playing a game, it felt as if I was a part of a real battlefield. The game gave me a chance to be the main hero of the same. It was as if I was the only one that was capable of discovering secret behind break-free of the zombies. Controls of the game seemed like options that will help me to enhance my player skills so that I can reach the final level of the game.


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